Office Partitions

Working together with our clients we are able to offer them harmonious, practical, functional workspaces with a multitude of design options to suit all budgets.

Where possible we use recylced materials in order to achieve a low carbon footprint.

Tax Advantages to the Business

Movable office partitions qualify for 100% tax reilief on the first £100,000 of expenditure.

Any qualifying expenditure above £100,000 then attracts a 20% writing down allowance.


  • Demountable Aluminium Framed: Our 75mm systems are certified for fire performance up to 30/30 (fire proof 30 minutes & installation integrity of 30 minutes) and can offer an acoustic performance between the walls up to 43dB. There are many colour, glazing and joinery options to enhance this versatile system. Alternativley our upgraded system will give 60 minutes fire integrity and up to 52dB attainment. Finishes are once again about your personal vision, assissted by us to create your perfect space.
  • Frameless Glazed Partitions offer the ultimate in modern visual aesthetics whilst making the most of any natural daylight entering the building. 
  • The partitions can be enhanced with double glazing for even greater sound attenuation; additionally blinds can be installed between the glass skins for privacy and shading. Other advantages of glass sytems are that designs or logos can be laser cut into coloured films and applied to it. These films make it difficult to see into the office externally, but do not restrict internal viewing. 

The glass can also be electrically charged with a low voltage current which instantly turns it into privacy glass with adjustable opacity. It uses state of the art technology to interchange between transparency and opaque at the flick off a switch while allowing light to pass through from both sides.

Glass systems can include glass doors inside powder coated frames or be framless, or for the traditionalist, timber doors with an array of veneers and designs that can be installed into slimline powder coated frames.

  • Stud walls and dry lining: These are usually flush wall systems and are "taped and filled" or plastered. They are ideal for lining walls or constructing "compartmentation" between areas. 

​Please see our gallery for pictures of all of the above partition options for works which we have carried out. 

"Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere" - Albert Einstein


Price is important, but it is not everything! Whilst we are very competitive we do not promise to be the cheapest. What we do promise is to offer the very best service and quaility combined with innovative ideas. 

If your desired fit out is going to impinge too far into your cash flow we are able to offer flexible Leasing terms, which lead to ownership. This route also has tax advantages which we can discuss on an individual basis.